Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Proposes To Modernize It’s System Of Wine and Liquor Sales

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board officials advocated modernization changes today as it faces the threat of privatization by Gov. Tom Corbett and others to privatize the system.

The changes were discussed today at a state Senate appropriations hearing. The proposed changes include:

–Increasing Sunday store closing hours from noon until (currently 5pm) 7 or 8 pm

–Erasing the state’s current limit of only allowing 25% of the stores open on Sunday

–Allowing direct shipment of wine/liquor from out of state online retailers to go direct
to Pennsylvania households versus the current practice of state store product pickup.

–Varying the standard 30% markup on all wine and spirits sold in the stores.

For more on this read: LCB Proposes Changes To Stave Off Privatization

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