I have a dream. You have a dream. Or do you?

Every year when the New Year rolls around I’m reminded of the folks that have approached my practice happy-new-year-wine-and-grapesat the beginning of every year to discuss their desire to open their own winery, restaurant, or other wine based business. We typically discuss how to best proceed in their mission. I listen respectfully as they share their dreams and passions. We talk about the hard work, the diligence and the finanacial committment that will be necessary to fulfill their dreams. Some of these entrepreneurs to be, discover that they more romantic hobbyists than entrepreneur, abandoning the dream along the way. Others non-committers speak their dreams out loud, failing to act, while watching at a distance as others take their dreams and implement the very dream they thought they once had but for their own failure to act.

When the dust settles and clears, what I’ve learned is that the difference between those that “talk the talk” and those that “walk the walk “ comes right down to the “doers”.

The “doers have a dream that they hold on to very tightly. “Doers keep their visions and plans to themselves so as to limit the negative feedback from those who would discourage them, identifying barriers or reinforcing negative thoughts their dreams can’t be accomplished. The “doer’s work diligently when no one is looking, often without pats on the backs, or ego’s stroked, perservering with their vision and goals. The “doer’s stay committed to their fulfilling their dreams of opening that new tasting room, restaurant, bed and breakfast or wine based business.

As the new year of 2013 unfolds, who will you be? Will you stay true to your dream of beginning the new path towards entrepreneurship. Perhaps your dream is to finally act on that expansion that you’ve been planning for years. Or maybe, this is the time to pursue that new acquisition. Might this be your year to build a new business? Whatever the case, if it is your dream, now is the time to act. Now is the time to do. Don’t let others derail what you know in your heart and mind is your dream path to follow.

Be a “Doer” in 2013. This is your time. This is your moment. Live your dream.

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