Is Your Winery, Wine Or Hospitality Business On Trickster, Fraudster, Scammer, Gangster Alert?

Just how alert are you from the tricksters, fraudsters, scammers, and gangsters that are out to drain your winery, wine or hospitality business profits? These predators prey on the fact that while you’re out planting grapes, stocking the tasting room, meeting with new vendors, or maybe seeking counsel with me, you’ll be to busy to notice that your winery or hospitality business has been targeted by yet another treacherous scam.

Perhaps its an invoice for a product you didn’t order. Or maybe you’re being hounded by a debt collector seeking a past due collection on an internet service you didn’t buy. Could it be you’re being gouged for some ink you didn’t receive?

Either way, now is as good of time as any to learn how to protect your business from these predators. Take a moment now to watch this video and learn what you can do to protect your business from fraud.

Now, tricksters, fraudsters, scammers,and gangsters beware!

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