How Can Your Winery Or Hospitality Business Save Some Dough?

Unless you plan to spend a ton of money on legal fees defending your business nashville_predators_wine_tasting_2006bagainst liquor liability claims this summer this is a good time as any, to pause and take note of a few useful tips.

As the summer approaches and the volume of customers at your establishment increases, its a good time to be vigilant and put a few best practices in place that are designed to limit your winery or restaurant’s potential liability related to the sale of alcohol at your facility.

Whether you’re serving alcohol in a tasting room, restaurant, wedding, catered event, bed and breakfast or bar, its important to remember that the person who serves the liquor is on the front line to limit your establishment’s liability and help your guests from over indulging.

Let’s review some useful tips that will help your establishment limit its potential liability as a result of alcohol service:

Check ID’s for all customers
Train your staff to recognize “visibly intoxicated persons”
Ensure that your employees do not drink on the job
Do not over-pour
Do not price alcohol too low so as to encourage heavy drinking
Do not allow self service at your event
Provide non-alcoholic beverages
Do not allow pets in the tasting room or catered event.
Purchase liquor liability insurance

As you entertain and educate your customers about your wines or your brand, you can also use these valuable customer contact opportunities to encourage your guests to drink responsibly. Your customers will appreciate the fact that when they leave your establishment, they are left with a sense of having been well cared for during their outing.

At the end of the day, you’ve kept them safe…and you’ve saved yourself some dough!

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