FDA To Effectively Ban Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks

Federal regulators are preparing to ban the drink Four Loko and other manufacturers of similar alcoholic energy drinks following numerous deaths of Fourloko_220young people who are drinking the fruity flavored caffeinated alcohol energy drink.

Many state governments are moving to limit the sale of these products or to ban them outright. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has sent letters to the state’s 17,000 beer distributors encouraging them to cease the sale of the drinks until a FDA investigation determines the products safety.

Today Senator Charles Schumer D-NY, issued a press release announcing that the Food and Drug Administration will rule that producers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages are marketing products that are considered to be unsafe and should be banned from the market. For more on these developments read here: Schumer:FDA To Effectively Ban Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks.

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