Does Your Pennsylvania Winery, Restaurant, Or Hospitality Business Embrace The Millennials?

Is your winery, restaurant, or hospitality business attracting the new generation of young millennial’s? If so, you’ll not want to miss marketing to this group on their own terms. Just ask them. If you don’t get on this train, it will surely leave the station without you.

Check out this new virtual sommelier aka Enomatic Wine Dispensing System. This high tech sommelier gone wild can be found at the CLO Wine Bar in New York, New York. CLO Bar has the right mix of edge and attitude to attract today’s generation of young drinkers. Its a visionary concept that may appeal to the future urban winery or trendy hot spot for the next budding restauranteur.

So just for today, I have momentarily veered away from a more serious post and have included a link for your viewing pleasure. Just between you and I…this spot has been added to my list of favorite places to visit. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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