Not all legal matters take place in court. Many of your legal affairs are simply contracts and documents you need to refer to and review in your own offices or place of business.

I offer virtual law office services to make legal affairs a pleasant, comfortable and ultra-convenient experience.

A virtual law office saves you precious time by giving you access to all your legal documents through a secure online service. VLO encrypted technology ensures the ultimate in protection and security for sensitive information, and it allows you to review, upload and download your documents with complete confidence and peace of mind.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily manage your billing, business documents, invoicing and payments as well as forms and contracts with just a few simple clicks. You can access your virtual law office through any computer or smart phone.

Now that’s convenience!

I’m also absolutely committed to maintaining a strict standard of privacy for each of my clients, which means I have the best in information security to protect your online documents.

A virtual law office has a bonus benefit you’ll enjoy immediately: reduced expenses for top legal counsel. By lowering office overhead costs and offering in-person services, I save you time – and money.

To try the virtual law office right now, click here to log in and create your secure client profile. You’ll be benefiting from innovative solutions for your legal needs.

And you’ll make your winery, vineyard or hospitality business run more smoothly.