Here’s What They’re Saying In The Media About Judy Young

Deborah J. Merritt, John Deaver Drinko/Baker & Hostetler Chair in Law, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

As Guest Lecturer, the students found your wine and hospitality law practice area and story very inspirational. You are a very articulate, fluent speaker!”

Tom Wark Fermentation The Daily Wine Blog

A number of other blogs, some quite new and promising, speak to these issues and should be considered resources for those concerned with these issues. Judy Young, PWHL focuses on general compliance and legal issues aimed at aiding those working in the Pennsylvania marketplace. (click link to read the full article)

Cliff Tuttle Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk

Consider the case of Pennsylvania Lawyer Judy Young. In her website/blog, Pennsylvania Winery and Hospitality, she lays claim to a singular brand. There is none like it.” (click link to read the full article)

Chuck Newton   Third Wave Law

With the launch of Pennsylvania Winery & Hospitality Lawyer, Judy Young is well on her way. As she says, her “passion for the law just barely exceeds my passion for wine, vineyards and beautiful destinations”.  (Click link to read the full article)

Stephanie Kimbro   Virtual Law Technology

VLOTech is pleased to announce the opening of Pennsylvania Winery and Hospitality Lawyer, Judy M. Young’s, virtual law office.   Focused on issues specific to the wine, vineyard and hospitality industries, Young’s practice provides a variety of different legal services to clients online.  (Click link to read the full article).

Susan Cartier-Liebel Founder Solo Practice University

Judy personifies the entrepreneurial alwyer.  She intuitively knows how to meet the needs of her clients.  She understood the unique challenges of creating a practice in today’s difficult  economy and overcame those hurdles by incorporating technology the right way into her  practice.  The right way is not losing the necessary (and best part) human interaction with her clients, who by all accounts love working with her.  The best part – she is passionate about the wine and hospitality industries and this shines through in everything she does.  If you are in the industries she serves, she is the go-to lawyer.