Pennsylvania Wineries: Are You Getting Wine Lovers To Your Wine Or Your Wine To Your Wine Lovers?

When marketing your winery’s wine this harvest season, you may be creatively thinking of ways toPhiladelphia Festival 2
get wine lovers to your wine, or your wine to your wine lovers.   If your marketing efforts include the latter, you may wish to plan to host or participate in an event outside your winery’s usual business. That said, what are the requirements for a winery to participate in such an event?

In Pennsylvania, participating wineries in such events, should be properly licensed limited wineries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Limited wineries are licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board that may produce alcoholic ciders, wines and wine coolers (subject to certain exceptions).  Because the sale of alcohol without a license is illegal in Pennsylvania, limited winery event participants would need to obtain a Wine Exposition Permit. A limited winery licensee may apply for and obtain a Wine Exposition Permit from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) in order to participate in wine and food expositions off the licensed premises.

The permit may be issued to a licensed limited winery for expositions, not to exceed five consecutive days. The total number of days may not exceed 40 days in a calendar year.   The permit allows the holder to sell its alcoholic ciders and wine by the glass, bottle or case. Tasting samples of one fluid once or less may be provided for free or for sale.

The exposition may be held indoors or outdoors with the primary purpose of educating the attendees of the availability, nature and quality of the Pennsylvania product wines and alcoholic ciders in conjunction with suitable food displays, demonstrations and sales.   The exposition may include arts and crafts, musical activities, cultural and agricultural exhibits and similar activities. The permit fee is thirty dollars ($30.00) per day.

The next time you’re looking for ways to get your wine to your wine lovers, start with a Wine Exposition Permit and get your wine on!!

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