Bring Your New Year In With The Best Bottles Of Bubbly!

As a graduate of Windows of the World Wine School, how excited I was to see that my friend and teacher Kevin Zraly was on the “Early Show” this morning offering tips on champagne. I couldn’t let 2009 go out without sharing this episode with all my friends, legal eagles, followers and fellow bloggers. Season’s Greetings to each of you and have a wonderful prosperous Happy New Year!!  Enjoy!!

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Are You Planning To Help Yourself To Some Wine With Your Meal?

If you’re planning to enjoy wine with your meals, Pennsylvania will soon be offering you a new way to help yourself.  Pennsylvania is one of 19 states in which the distribution of alcohol is controlled by state government.   As mentioned in my earlier post So Who’s In Control of Pennsylvania’s Alcohol Beverage Industry, alcohol distribution in the state of Pennsylvania is controlled by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

The PLCB is now going high tech in its plans to distribute alcohol in the state.  Over 100 Pennsylvania grocery stores are anticipated to get the state’s new self serve wine dispensing kiosks operated by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  Buyers will have to swipe their drivers license and breathe in a breathalyzer prior to purchase.

Are you planning to help yourself to some wine at your local supermarket? If so, for more information read here: Wine Vending Machine Coming To Supermarket.

Is There A Pennsylvania “East Coast Red” In Your Future This Holiday?

This fall while on the Bucks County Wine Trail one of my fond memories of the Buckingham Valley Vineyards was the opportunity I had to experience a tasting of an oak aged dry Chambourcin wine.   This delightful grape is readily becoming known as “Pennsylvania’s Zinfandel”.   This versatile hybrid grape is known to hold up very well in Pennsylvania’s cooler wetter climate.  Its a deep colored wine with full aromatic flavors that I plan to pair with my meal festivities this holiday.   You too may want to grab yourself an “East Coast Red”.   For more information about this grape that is widely becoming known as “Pennsylvania’s Zinfandel”, I enjoyed reading the’s article: Is Breakout Grape Chambourcin Pennsylvania’s Red?

Pennsylvania’s Wine and Grape Industry Strengthens The State’s Economy

Pennsylvania’s wine and grape industry continues to be a major contributor to the economic strength of the State. The results of the latest update of the MKF Research Study, an independent study commissioned by the Pennsylvania Winery Association indicates increased growth in the industry during the two year period between 2005-2007. Pennsylvania’s rank in wine production moved from eighth to seventh place among wine producing states in the United States. For more information read: Wine and Grapes Enrich Pennsylvania’s Economy.

Should Pennsylvania Re-Evaluate Its Need For Private Liquor Stores?

A recent study by the Commonwealth Foundation indicates that Pennsylvania’s rates of underage drinking hasn’t largely declined as a result of  public versus privately controlled liquor system. Has the time come that selling off state liquor stores is now a good idea? Read also the: Lehigh Valley ‘s The Express-Times: Study Shows Pennsylvania Liquor Control System Doesn’t Significantly Underage Drinking, Drinking Driving Fatalities.

Wine, Corn Dogs, and Nachos. Is This A New Way To Reach Wine Drinking Millennials?

Value wine is apparently finding a place on the shelves of 7-Eleven stores.  Driven by today’s down economy, 7-Eleven stores is moving into the business of selling bargain wines to go with its new line of food staples.  As a competitor to the “Two Buck Chuck” wine, has 7-Eleven stores found a new way to reach today’s wine drinking millennial’s?  After all, this age-cohort can regularly be seen at 7-Eleven stores with corn dogs and nachos.  For More Details Read: 7-Eleven Plans To Sell Its Own Brand of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon

A Winery Gone Green!

If passed, House Bill 80 has beneficial application for winery owners looking to use the latest technology in solar or geothermal heating.  Staff writer George Mattar of the Bucks County Courier writes an interesting article on renewable energy and its benefits to a local Bucks County winery.   For more information read: Some grapes are purple, but this winery has gone green.

What Are You Doing With Those Eco-Friendly Corks?

With all the fan fare these days about “boxed wines”  I love the fact that there are still great arguments to be made on behalf of the cork.    The Huffington Post hosts author Jennifer Grayson, founding editor of Ms. Grayson, an avid environmentalist has written a great article on the eco-friendliness of corks and why you may want to recycle them.  For more information read: Eco Etiquette: Can I Recycle Wine Corks?

Does Drinking Red Wine Have A Protective Effect for Women With Breast Cancer?

healthReporting for Reuters Health News, author Michelle Rizzo wrote a “must read” article on a study of how women with breast cancer are being aided in their radiation treatments by consuming red wine. The article discusses the findings on how drinking red wine can prevent radiation induced toxicity. You may find the article an interesting read on the the numerous therapeutic benefits of red wine consumption for women with breast cancer. Read the full article here: Wine May Curb Toxic Effects of Radiation

How Exactly Did Grape Growers Save A Winery?

The Trenton Times has a valuable and interesting article in yesterday’s paper  discussing how grape growers banded together to save New Jersey’s Unionville Vineyards.  As the article states, what looked like the beginning of the end for Unionville Vineyards,  turned out to have a happy ending as grape growers pulled together to save the winery.   For more information read Grape Growers Save Winery.