New Jersey Implements New Tasting Law Effective May 1, 2010

The State of New Jersey’s Division of Alcohol Bureau Control has recently announced new legislation to take effect on May 1, 2010 that in effect changes its existing law related to wine tastings. The new legislation modifies existing law regarding size, sampling, events and media advertising related to tastings. To learn more on this new statutory ruling read here: NJ Special Ruling Regarding 2010 Statutory Change To Tasting Law.

Does Liberalizing Wine Distribution Laws Yield A Better Outcome?

While many state activists and legislators are engaged in long-standing legislative dog fights to privatize wine distribution, I found this article to pose an interesting question as to whether or not privatization of the liquor industry will necessarily yield better outcomes. For a different perspective, read after the jump Tyler Colman’s: Will the Recession Liberalize Wine Laws?

The Wine Wars Continue

Local wineries are fighting back against the proposed federal legislation , H.R. 5034. This legislation is being backed by the National Beer Association. The legislation as proposed gives individual states the power to regulate alcohol sales and distribution. For a good read on this pending legislation, read Chris Rauber’s Wine Wars.

Do You Know About HR 5034?

Do you know about HR 5034? Learn more on how to “Free The Grapes”.

Are Pennsylvania Lawmakers Ready To Privatize Its Sale of Wine and Spirits?

Pennsylvania lawmaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, introduced legislation designed to create privitization of the wholesale and retail operations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Turzai said “Government should not be in the business of selling alcohol”. He believes Pennsylvania’s current system results in higher prices and less selection for consumers. For more information read: Turzai Introduces Legislation to Privatize Sale of Wine and Spirits.

A Local Winery Finds Self Distribution To Be The Answer

Here’s an interesting article on how a not so well established Napa winery took matters in its own hands to sell its wine in the New York and New Jersey markets when a big distributor failed to take him on as a client. For more information read: Local Winery Bypasses Distributors in New York and New Jersey.

Direct Wine Shipment May Soon Come To New Jersey

The New Jersey State Senate has recently approved legislation allowing New Jersey residents to receive direct shipments of wine. If this law is enacted, New Jersey would join thirty-five other states that currently have legislation that allow direct wine shipment. For more information read: N.J. Gets Closer To Allowing Direct Wine Shipments With Senate Approval.

A Pennsylvania Winery Does It Right!

Pennsylvania’s own Lehigh Valley’s Pinnacle Ridge Winery made the cover of this month’s Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine. Noted for its critical acclaim and loyal following, Pinnacle Ridge Winery is highlighted as a model for success for which others can follow. For more information on Pennsylvania’s own, read here: Pinnacle Ridge Winery

A Natural Disaster Has Taken Its Toll On The Wine Industry

Unfortunately Chile’s wine industry has not escaped the devastating effects of this week’s earthquake. As pointed out in today’s Wine Spectator, millions of liters have been lost resulting in huge damages to the industry. For more information read: Powerful Earthquake Rocks Chilean Wine Industry.

U.S. Wineries Continue to Grow During The Last Year

According to Wine Business Monthly, the number of United States Wineries increased in the last year by 122 Wineries. Pennsylvania ranks among those states with more than 100 wineries. Read here for more information on this growth trend: Number of U.S. Wineries Continues to Grow, Reaches 6,223