The Pinnacle Of Professional Achievement In The Wine World Takes In New Members

The Institute of Masters of Wine (IWM) has announced its newest members. As covered in my earlier post, Does The winetasterimagesPinnacle of Professional Achievement In The Wine World Excite You?, this accomplishment is considered the “hardest test of knowledge” in the wine world. Congratulations to all of this year’s newest members. For more read: 11 New Masters of Wine Announced.

Is Your Pennsylvania Wine Ready To Take Flight?

Does your Pennsylvania wine have a distinct taste and flavor that will come through if sipped at 30,000 feet? Is so, the airline industry may be the place for your wine to take flight. It appears that U.S. airlines have taken note that passengers keep coming back to their airline based on the wine and champagne served in the cabin. As such, Sommeliers are now working with the airlines to choose which wines will be served. Perhaps your Pennsylvania is ready to take flight. For more on this subject take a look at the video below:

Pennsylvania Wine Bloggers:Want To Know Who’s Got The Juice?

The public voting is complete for the 2011 Wine Blog Awards! Over 3011 people voted for their favorite finalists. 2WBA_logo_rotatorThe social media wine blog winners were announced at the 2011 North American Wine Bloggers Conference. The public has spoken. These folks have got the juice!

Best Overall Wine Blog–Fermentation
Best New Wine Blog–Terrorist
Best Writing on a Wine Blog–Vinography
Best Winery Blog–Tablas Creek
Best Single Subject Wine Blog–New York Cork Report
Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog–Enobytes
Best Industry/Business Wine Blog–Fermentation
Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography & Presentation–Vino Freakism

Congratulations to all the winners!

Does The Pinnacle Of Professional Achievement In The Wine World Excite You?

winetasterimagesDoes The Pinnacle Of Professional Achievement In The Wine World Excite You? Do you have a serious interest in wine? If so, perhaps you are Pennsylvania’s future Master of Wine! A Master of Wine is someone who has demonstrated through rigorous examination, a knowledge or all aspects of wine and ability to communicate their wine knowledge clearly in order to bring wine communities together.

It is said the “hardest test of knowledge” in the wine world is the Master of Wine Exam. Administered by the Institute of Masters of Wine (IWM) the program has fewer than 300 graduates in total. With essays and blind tastings, very few test takers pass both requirements on the first try.

But don’t let difficulty keep you away from gaining the wine world’s most prestigious credential. Graduates are known to be in the wine world’s most exclusive club. After all, it is the pinnacle of professional achievement in the wine world. Okay I’ll admit, I’ve thought about it myself a time or two. What about you?

For more about the Masters of Wine, read Mike Steinberger’s take on the matter at The Master of Wine Exam

Shout Out To Pennsylvania Winery and Hospitality Bloggers: Whose Got The Juice?

2WBA_logo_rotatorIt’s that time again folks! The nomination period is open for the 2011 Wine Blog Awards. We can look forward again to seeing which social media wine bloggers are giving American media a run for its juice. Will your winery’s blog be chosen to be amongst this year’s nominees?

Go now and make your nomination! 2011 Wine Blog Awards

Pennsylvania’s Privatization Battle For The State’s Liquor Stores Continue

State Rep. John Payne, R-Derry Twp plans to introduce a bill to allow the the state’s 1200 beer distributors to apply for a free permit to carry wine and spirits at your local beer distributor. Permits to wholesalers would cost $50 million. Payne’s proposal in the debate on privatization of the state’s liquor stores would leave the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirit stores intact. For more on the debate read: Wine and Spirits At Beer Distributors?

Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board’s Advocacy For Modernization Continues

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Chief Executive Joseph Conti appeared before the Pennsylvania Senate Law and Justice Committee this week to address its plan to modernize the Board’s operations. Ten proposals were offered to law makers as an effort to stave off privatization of the state’s Wine and Spirit stores. For more read: Pennsylvania Independent’s: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Proposes Ten Ideas For Modernization

Beer, Wine & Spirit Producers Fight Back Petitioning Congress To Reject HR1161.

The wine wars continue.

Members of the Beer, Wine & Spirit Industry joined together recently to urge members of Congress to oppose the “Community Alchohol Regulatory Effectiveness” Act of 2011 (CARE), the legislation (H.R. 1161) sponsored by the wholesellers tier of the Alcohol Beverage Industry.

Wine America, The Brewers Association, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Wine Institute, Beer Institute, and the National Association of Beverage Importers strongly oppose H.R 1161. In their recent letter to Congress, the producers stated “We strongly oppose H.R. 1161, which like its predecessor in the last Congress, is unnecessary. Its provisions would harm consumers and the marketplace, limit consumer choice, and allow states to enact protectionist and anti-competitive laws. It this bill becomes law, it would make it much harder for brewers, vintners, distillers, and importors to get their products to market.”

To view the entire letter, read here.

Pennsylvania’s Restaurant and Hospitality Industry “Happy Hours” Are Looking To Get Happier

A legislative bill by state Rep. John Payne, R-Dauphin was unanimously approved by the state’s House Liquor Control Committee and now moves to the full House for consideration. The bill would allow the restaurant and hospitality industry in Pennsylvania happy-hourto have longer “happy hours”. The bill is aimed at giving restaurants and bars greater flexibility and would also allow them to sell more wine to patrons for off premise consumption at offsite catering events.

Currently, “happy hours” are limited to two consecutive hours per day, with a 14 hour per week limit. The proposed changes would allow establishments to hold happy hours up to 14 hours a day but still be limited to not more than 14 hours a week. The 14 hours could be divided up however the proprietor wants thus allowing for greater flexibility. Happy hours would remain prohibited after midnight.

Under current law a restaurant with a liquor license cannot serve alcohol at off site catered events. The proposed legislative change would allow a restaurant’s liquor license to be valid for off premise catering. The proposed changes would not effect dry communities. Serving alcohol in dry communities would remain prohibited.

Finally, the proposed legislation would allow a patron to buy up to three bottles of unopened wine and take it home. Albeit this can be routinely a more expensive way to buy wine, proponents of the bill believe this change allows the customer a way to buy those “hard to find” wines.

In that the proposed legislation House Bill 148 is aimed at modernizing the state’s liquor code, Payne’s proposal has the support of the Pennsylvania Tavern and Restaurant Associations.

Direct Wine Shipping Gains New Life In New Jersey

It appears New Jersey wineries are actively working with state legislators to enact legislation that may soon open the doors for wine shipping by both in and out of state wineries. The direct shipping bill SB766 which passed the state Senate in 2010 is expected to be fast tracked along with companion bill AB1702. For more on this topic read Wine Spectators’s: Direct Shipping Coming Soon To New Jersey?