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How Exactly Did Grape Growers Save A Winery?

The Trenton Times has a valuable and interesting article in yesterday’s paper  discussing how grape growers banded together to save New Jersey’s Unionville Vineyards.  As the article states, what looked like the beginning of the end for Unionville Vineyards,  turned out to have a happy ending as grape growers pulled together to save the winery. […]

Pennsylvania’s Bucks County Wine Trail: You Heard It Through The Grapevine!

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth is host to over 100 hundred wineries, eight of which are on the Bucks County Wine Trail. This past weekend, my family members and I hit the road visiting Buckingham Valley Vineyards. It was a fun and delightful adventure for a laid back saturday afternoon.  Let me tell you…there are some things in […]

Pennsylvania Wine and The Law: Hey William Penn! Pennsylvania Inquiring Minds Still Want to Know

I’m still amazed at the number of times I’ve met new people and engaged in a conversation about Pennsylvania’s wine industry only to find them quite surprised to discover that Pennsylvania wineries are serious industry players that are here to stay. I get a certain level of enjoyment steering their minds off of California and […]

Wine Labels and The Law

Was that you I saw doing a wine label drive-by? I’m often amazed at the events I’ve attended wherein wine was served, the guests complimented the wine, but rarely took the next step to view the label of the wine they were enjoying. In other words, they were socially doing what I call a “wine […]

Do Your Grapes Have A Home?

Constructing a Grape Contract That Works For Both Grower and Winery. Not all grapes will have a home by harvest time. But many will–having found a home by way of a Grape Purchase Agreement. Unlike, the old fashion handshake, or oral agreement, the Grape Purchase Agreement now commonplace, memorializes in writing the understanding between the […]